Premium Prop Kit

The starter kit includes:
* 1 Manduka brand yoga block
* 1 Manduka brand yoga strap (perfect for stretching)
* 1 medium tension loop band
* 1 "Alkalign" squishy ball
* 1 set of Plus size YTU balls (aka blue balls)
* 1 set of large "alpha" YTU ball (awesome for glutes, hips, calves, hip flexors, and low back)
* 1 set of 3 lb weights
* 1 Alkalign branded carrying case for all your travel and storage needs

* Please, no substitutions. If you want additional or different props, please order those a la carte on the website and we can add them to the box. We cannot swap out or exchange for something that is already there. 

** Free shipping over $99

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